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염운옥-국민일보 <글로벌 포커스>기고문
염운옥 회원님께서 국민일보에 대처의 죽음에 대한 글을 기고하셨네요.

<글로벌 포커스>란의 정기투고를 맡으셨데요.

우선 "대처의 죽음과 99%의 영국인들"이라는 첫 기고문을 쓰셨으니 일독해보시기 바랍니다.

아주 명확하게 입장을 잘 전달하셨네요!!!!

사진도 있고.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

바다   2013.04.18 20:16:06
나로드나님은 누구신지요?
오승은   2013.04.19 10:14:35
답변 삭제
그러는 바다 님은 누구신가요?
바다   2013.04.19 22:46:39
박단에서 ㄱ, ㄴ 빼면?
나로드나   2013.04.20 10:55:58
샘, 몰랐쟎았요! 귀여우시다~~~
홍용진   2013.05.14 21:35:36
염선생님 글 잘 읽었습니다~
온라인홀덤   2022.07.23 11:40:51
답변 삭제
For example, when you have a full time job and can only check your comments once or twice through out the workday, maybe at lunch or from Starbucks on a break or after work – it can hurt your conversation when it comes in glamps, 
which is the case for a lot of blogs I know of. There are ways other than direct approval to make sure no f bombs get dropped, no one gets slandered, etc. No system I know of is perfect, but yours sounds like a pretty nice setup. But not all bloggers are business owners, consultants, 
카지노사이…   2022.07.23 11:41:16
답변 삭제
or in the sort of situation where your system works. So people just need to be aware that how they handle the approvals of comments plays a big role in the conversation. That’s all I’m saying.
It depends a lot on the type of traffic and conversation you’re in the midst of how you want to handle comments. Our company’s blog, for example, has much different goals, audiences, and interests than my personal blog, so we have an approvals-based moderation system. 
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